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Name Code Type
BA Programme COD002 Programme
Choosing your weave YEH998 Unit
College of Aeronautical Technology CAT College
College of education CE-01 College
Course1 CODE1 Course
CourseTest CC Course
Department of Chemistry CHEM Department
IT Dept IT_CS Department
Kiyanwangs Ramblings K666 Course
MA Politics and American Studies MA_POL_02 Programme
Mechanical Engineering ME-01 Course
Medical MEDS Module
Metallurgy MET1 Division
Modular programming MP-01 Module
Mohit MS123 Course
Mohit MS Module
MSL C1 MSL-C1 Course
MU3110 : Music Reception: Then and Now MU3110 Course
My Course COURSE211 Course
My Course1 MYCOURSE2 Course
My Nurshing Module MNM Module
New course COR-01 Course
NoLists NOLIST101 Module
Organic Chemistry OCHEM Module
RG "Test" RGTEST01 Module
Rich G Institution RICH_G Institution
School of swimming SWIM School
Self Learning Module SELF-MOD3 Module
Self Learning Module 2 SELF-MOD2 Module
Smoke Test SM1 Department
TENT-2074 - a test TENT-2074 Course
TENT-2074 Module B TENT-2074-B Module
Test Module 1 TEST001 Module
Test Node TESTNODE-1 Course
Test programme EDU123 Programme
test-module-01 TM01 Module
test2 1668 Course
TestHirarchy TEST Course
Testing_12 UAS0043 Module
textile chemistry TC-01 Course
The School of Economics ECON School
The School of Geography 1111 School
The School of Nursing NUR School
The School of Politics POL School
World news WN-01 Programme

Lists linked to Broadminster University

Title Academic Year Last updated
ATesting Summer-Winter-2013 Ended 31/10/2013 08/04/2014 12:39:35
Climate Change MOD124 Year 1 29/07/2010 11:20:07
Copy of My test List Ended 22/08/2013 08:53:07
Copy of My test List For #2723 Mid-Year-2013 Ended 31/12/2013 28/08/2013 12:44:02
Management Information Yr 1 MOD123 (Autumn Term 2012) Autumn term 2012-13 Ended 31/03/2013 15/04/2013 08:01:58
My test List with 271+ items Autumn term 2011-12 Ended 30/03/2012 19/07/2013 12:27:48
MyLists test list 08/05/2013 07:52:51
Skanda Purana Year:2013/14 Ended 07/03/2013 11/07/2013 06:32:44
Smoke Test List 08062016 Year:2013/14 Ended 07/03/2013 08/06/2016 14:40:37